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Let’s take a walk across the woods and stay in close contact with nature while looking for delicious mushrooms. It will be a moment of freedom and excitement. Going to the mountains has never been so "delicious." Just the smell of mushrooms will remind you of some of our delicious local dishes.

Val di Pejo offers a variety of mushrooms. Porcini mushrooms and chanterelles are just few of the species present in the area; now it's up to you to get permission, take the wicker basket and have a walk across woods. Enjoy finding them and obviously tasting them!

Mushroom picking in the Autonomous Province of Trento is regulated by the L.P. (Provincial Law) of 23 May 2007, n. 11 and subsequent amendments implemented on 26 October 2009, n. 23-25. Here, we cite the main articles (the complete text is available from Valley Information Offices).

Art. 1 0 - Picking methods

- Within the Province the picking of wild mushrooms, whether edible or not, is limited to 2 kg per day per person over the age of 10 years.
- The maximum limit does not apply if a single specimen exceeds, on its own, the aforementioned limit.
- Mushroom pickers are required to give the mushrooms a brief clean at the harvesting site and must only transport them in perforated, rigid containers.
- It is forbidden to damage mushrooms on the ground. Do not use rakes, hooks or any other tools that might damage the topsoil.

Art. 1 2 - Picking permits

- Mushroom picking permits are personal and non-transferable.

Art. 22 - General rules

- Children under the age of 10 can only pick if accompanied by an adult; allowed maximum limits remain applicable.
- Mushroom picking is allowed from 7.00am to 7.00pm.




Mushroom picking permits are valid throughout Val di Sole, which encompasses the following 13 municipalities: Vermiglio, Peio, Ossana, Pellizzano, Mezzana, Commezzadura, Dimaro Folgarida, Croviana, Malé, Terzolas, Caldes, Cavizzana, Rabbi.

Mushroom picking permits have the following durations (and relative fees).

Discounts are provided against a personal declaration of certification, which can be filled out at Valley information offices.


€ 10,00


Discount fee € 8,00*


€ 18,00


Discount fee € 17,00*

1 WEEK (7 day)

€ 24,00


Discount fee € 23,00*

2 WEEKS (14 days)

€ 40,00


Discount fee € 35,00*

30 AND 90 DAYS

€ 60,00


Discount fee € 50,00*

90 DAYS € 60,00   no discount and no geoticket

180 DAYS

€ 120,00


no discount and no geoticket



Fees can be paid:

  • ONLINE at or with the relative Geoticket app
  • at the TOURIST OFFICES in the valley

* DISCOUNTED FEES: reduced fees are applied to people who stay for tourism purposes in a municipality of the Province of Trento for at least three consecutive days, to persons who have been residing for at least five years or have a parent resident in a municipality of the Province of Trento and to persons who own property or have other rights to residential properties located in one of the municipalities adhering to the supra-municipal regulations of the 13 municipalities of Val di Sole. To obtain the reduced fee it is necessary to provide a self-certification.
Download the self-certification form for discounted mushroom picking fees (pdf)