Scuola italiana Sci Snowboard Val di Pejo (ski-snowboard school)

Ski and Snowboard schools


The Scuola Italiana Sci Snowboard Val di Peio has more than 25 mountain pros, ready to share their passion for skiing and snowboarding and their knowledge of the Pejo3000 skiarea.

Skiing requires technique, and the sooner you master it the better, the greater your confidence and the more you'll enjoy it. That's why it's important to learn the basics or brush up on your skiing technique with an instructor who'll correct your mistakes and help you harmonize your movements. 

The same goes for snowboarding: the snowpark is the perfect place to learn the basics before moving on to the piste to improve performance, ensuring progress is fun and safe.

Children's ski-snowboard school  

For children, the ski instructor is a trusted friend who will keep a close eye on them. The basics are learnt on the beginners' slopes before the kids head onto the pistes to hone their technique, having fun while soaking up the explanations and demonstrations. Thanks to the professionalism and expertise of our ski instructors, your children will learn safely and securely.

Scuola italiana Sci Snowboard Val di Pejo: info sheet

The Scuola Italiana Sci Snowboard Val di Pejo has about 25 qualified instructors:

  • alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboard instructors
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Federation-approved ski and snowboard coaches
  • mountain guides

Languages spoken: English, German, French

Courses and activities:

  • private and group courses for downhill/cross-country skiing and snowboard for pupils of all ages and abilities
  • freeride excursions
  • lessons for the differently-able
  • introduction to sport skiing/snowboarding
  • ski safari
  • snowshoe excursions


Peio, at the Rifugio Scoiattolo - where the Peio Fonti – Tarlenta cable car arrives
Peio Fonti - Via del Fontanino 10
Cogolo di Peio - Via S. Antonio – Biancaneve (locality)

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