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At the Pejo Spa, the sources of Antica Fonte, Nuova Fonte and Fonte Alpina are used to naturally treat some dermatological or vascular issues, impairments of the respiratory and urinary tract as well as muscular-skeletal problems. Pejo Spa Center offers efficient recovery programs for the mind and body, specific programs for the prevention of cellulite and programs for treating different types of pathologies such as arthritis/rheumatism and vascular issues, ENT and gastrointestinal and urinary tract impairments.

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beneficial properties of thermal mud

mud therapy

Mud therapy offers relief for patients suffering from pathologies, such as arthrosis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, periarthritis or fibrosis of rheumatic origin: Pejo thermal muds counteract joint and muscle inflammation. Mud compresses - matured for 12 months with mineral water from the Nuova Fonte and applied at 45 °C - reduce joint inflammation and ease contraction, resulting in pain relief.

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health from water

hydropinic treatments

Drinking the right amount of water helps the body maintain its vital functions properly as well as correct metabolic imbalances. The hydropinic treatment consists of drinking thermal water for therapeutic purposes. At the Pejo Thermal Spa, you can be treated using all 3 different thermal springs:

Fonte Alpina water, low in mineral salts; its lightness facilitates the dissolution of metabolic waste (uric acids), causing a "washing" effect on the urinary tract favoring the elimination of gravel stones

Antica Fonte water, rich in bicarbonate and carbon dioxide; it keeps numerous minerals in solution (i.e. iron, calcium and magnesium) and promotes the buffering of gastric acids and the regulation of bowel movements

Nuova Fonte water, effervescent and rich in salts and minerals; it’s useful for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. It prevents the formation of gallstones and fights osteoporosis

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breathing freely

inhalation treatments

The nebulization of the Antica Fonte mineral water has a direct effect on the respiratory mucous membranes. The microscopic particles of mineral water, rich in bicarbonates and minerals, have a preventive and contrasting action against various allergic and inflammatory forms. The treatment, repeated daily, has an anti-catarrhal and decongestant effect. The treatment is carried out by direct jet inhalation, flowing water aerosol, sonic aerosol, ionic aerosol and micronized nasal shower.

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the curative properties of thermal water

bath therapy

The natural effervescence of the Antica Fonte infuses warmth and a pleasant sensation of well-being and relaxation. The carbon dioxide bubbles make a sort of delicate massage and allow the dissolved minerals to penetrate deeply through the skin. The bath will give you a feeling of complete relaxation. The whole organism benefits from this bath: skin oxygenation improves and joint inflammation lessens. The mineral salts and gases, present in high concentration, offer real relief against joint and muscle pains.

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a curative treatment for your legs with thermal water

flebologic path

Nuova Fonte mineral water has an intense action on the peripheral blood circulation. The dissolved carbonic gas stimulates the blood flow and allows the reabsorption of excess fluids. The treatment takes place with the continuous passage in two tanks, one hot and one cold; the change in temperature provides a pleasant sensation of lightness in the legs. The hydrostatic pressure and the chemicals present in the solution determine the activation of the network of small capillaries distributed in the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Due to the intense revascularization, excess water is drained, giving a long-lasting benefit to those suffering from venous and lymphatic circulation dysfunctions.

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arthro-muscolar and neurological recovery


The rehabilitation in orthopedic pathologies and in the outcomes of trauma is carried out by physiotherapists in the thermal pool. The mineral water of the Nuova Fonte facilitates the recovery of motility and counteracts joint pain (hydrokinesis). At Terme di Pejo, you can carry out individual rehabilitation programs aimed at the recovery and functional maintenance of the arthro-muscular and neurological systems. You can take advantage of the combination of professional physiotherapy with thermal hydrotherapy to accelerate the recovery of locomotor activities.

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