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Each step to the top is a small achievement! trekking lovers in Val di Pejo will have a wide choice of paths and excursions

If you have never been on an excursion in the mountains, remember to

  • get ready for your trip by checking the weather forecast, the route you will follow and the times for the cable cars or chairlifts, if you will be using them.
    If you have any doubts, contact the Alpine guides or our information offices;
  • follow the directions you will find along the route, do not leave the path, which is usually marked with red and white SAT signs and brushstrokes of red and white paint on stones and trees;
  • wear suitable clothing: hiking boots, long trousers, waterproof jacket, cap, hat and gloves, and take a backpack, sun cream and sunglasses;
  • in your backpack, make sure you have water and dried fruit or chocolate to munch when you feel the need;
  • do not hurry, look around you to absorb the good feeling that nature gives you and do not give up if you feel tired; the more effort it takes, the greater the satisfaction.

Discover the itineraries you can take in Val di Pejo