Shared ownership dairy in Peio

Cheese like they used to make it in 1935


Want to discover flavours that are part of the gastronomic tradition in Val di Sole? If you do, we suggest a visit to the cheese factory in Peio, the last shared ownership business still operating in the whole of Trentino. Seeing how cheese is made, using the same method and always in the morning since way back in 1935, you will understand the difference between an industrial product and cheese made like they used to, slowly and carefully, with just a few tools, but with the knowledge of tradition and experience.  Every day, the young cheesemaker Mattia Pangrazzi works the cow's and goat's milk brought by the farmers to product a local cheese «Pegaes», the Casolét cheese, a Slow Food Presidium, and butter.

Why shared ownership? Because «caserada», namely the daily production of cheese, is owned, in turn by one of the 5 partners and the number of caserade each one is entitled to is in proportion to the amount of milk brought to the factory. All the cheese is made using raw milk and the traditional system of copper boilers, with tanks of water to float the cream off the milk and with rooms for the brining process.

If you want to make a visit, and we can thoroughly recommend one, the cheese factory is open daily!

Opening period

Period: 01/06 - 31/10 mo tu we th fr sa su
9:30 - 12:00
18:30 - 19:30


Peio - Peio Paese, Via Punta di San Matteo, 9

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